Galleria Mar Doré

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About Galleria Mar Doré

We have unusual international collections of fine art which include modern art, contemporary sculpture and traditional indigenous art and antiquities. We sponsor new and exciting work by contemporary American artists and contemporary artists of diverse cultures from all over the world. A portion of sales is donated to non-profit cultural organizations that work with indigenous communities to maintain cultural integrity by developing self-sustaining economic programs.

Executive Director

Mar Doré Quetzalkanbalam MFA

Creative Director

Dr. M. X. Quetzalkanbalam

About the Executive Director:

Mar Doré Quetzalkanbalam MFA

About the Creative Director:

DRM Quetzalkanbalam

2015 – MANIFOLD ART and GALLERIA MAR DORÉ: Works in Progress: “Wormholes Move in Dead Tatoos,” “Songs from the Singing Glyphs,” “The Calabi-Yau Quintet,” “Concerto in Steel and Glass.” Collaborative Works in Progress with Mar Quetzalkanbalam Milpa: “When Quasars Suck and Blackholes Blow”and “Metalgeist.” Film, photo, video, mixed media paintings, sculpture, music, dance, live performance art and ceremonial art. Burbank, CA, Santa Monica, CA, New Orleans, LA, Houston, TX.